Apply for research funding

PTEN Research funds research that will lead to new and better treatments for PHTS, in line with our research strategy.

What do we fund?

We fund clinical, pre-clinical and basic research projects that can translate into better treatments for PHTS patients. Funding is intended to support all essential direct costs relating to the project, including staffing, consumables, equipment, travel, and publication costs. (See our Grant Costs Policy here).

Who do we fund?

  • Eligibility to apply for funding is not restricted to any specific geography.
  • In general, PTEN Research provides grants to Principal Investigators who have qualified with an MD or PhD and have an established research programme in a recognised academic or clinical research institution. 
  • Non-academic entities may also be eligible to apply for grant funding, depending on the grant call.
  • For any further clarification or questions relating to our eligibility criteria, please contact

How do we fund?

We provide grants through two main mechanisms:

  • Targeted Calls
    The Foundation will periodically request applications for proposals to address specific research questions through Targeted Calls. Information on current opportunities and how to apply is provided here.
  • Innovation Awards
    If you have an idea or project that aligns with the Foundation’s strategic research focus but is not within the scope of current Targeted Calls, you can apply for funding as follows:

What is the application process?

  • All applications submitted to PTEN Research, either in the form of Project Proposals, Full Applications, Targeted Calls or otherwise, are subject to PTEN Research’s Terms and Conditions of Applications.

  • If you wish to include in your Application results, data or background intellectual property that might thereby constitute a public disclosure, please contact us at and we will provide a Confidentially Agreement, as appropriate.
  • All applications will undergo scientific, budgetary and programmatic assessment by our scientific research team, followed by external peer review by independent experts.
  • Applicants will be provided with feedback on their application and have an opportunity to respond to any specific questions raised.
  • All applications are assessed by our Scientific Advisory Board before the final funding decision is made by our Trustee Board.

For any more information about applications, please contact