Partner with us

Fundamental for our ability to achieve our strategy is the formation of enduring and productive partnerships with the range of individuals, organisations and groups that are involved in the drug development process, from basic research to commercialisation.

Collaboration opportunities

We are always interested to meet and collaborate with individuals and organisations who share our goal to develop targeted therapies for PHTS. Collaboration could involve, but would not be limited to:

  • Co-funding of projects
  • Evaluating potential drug candidates in models of PHTS
  • Accessing expertise or resources relevant to PHTS

Collaborating with PHTS experts

Experts are critical in shaping the work we do, and include:

  • Our Scientific Advisory Board which includes experts in the field of PHTS and PTEN basic and clinical research, with a range of clinical, academic and industry perspectives. The board input to our overall strategy, provide expert peer review of grant proposals and help us to network with other experts.
  • We have established Clinical Development Working Groups (CDWGs) to provide targeted advice related to key clinical manifestations of PHTS. Three groups have been set up to focus on:
    • Neurodevelopmental delay
    • Vascular anomalies
    • Oncology and overgrowth.

These multi-disciplinary groups, comprised of expert clinicians and researchers with specific interests in PHTS, will generate standardised approaches and best practices for PHTS clinical development for their respective manifestation and share common interests between the groups.

We provide more than just funding

Our knowledge and network can support individuals and organisations already working to advance the management and treatment of PHTS, for example:

  • Navigating the drug development regulatory processes.
  • Linking up individuals with shared interests and supporting collaborative approaches.
  • Facilitating multi-disciplinary activities across academia, clinical medicine and industry.

Contact us for a discussion if you have a partnership idea by emailing